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BC Tel - Telus
Northern Division
Terrace District
ca: 1960's - 2006
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This will be an ongoing project, to add details for all the Departments listed above.
Please check out what I do have online now.
Also you will no doubt spot errors, in my recollections,
example- omissions of names, spelling of names wrong, etc.
Forgive me in advance, and please send a correction.

I have scanned the pictures I have, and linked names to those.
If you see blue printing for the name, click it, for a picture of that person.
These were taken from various editions of the old company newspaper,
called Mackenzie Matters, and previous to that the Northern Busy Back
  Ken Blanes must be thanked for saving his copies,
and loaning them to me for 3 years + now, and finally being put to use here.
The quality of the pics, leaves a little bit to be desired, but something, is better than nothing.
Last Issue of Mackenzie Matters was August 1991.

I also happen to know Bill Reynolds has some issues, of older yet, Company magazines,
 so I am hoping to get access to them one day.
If you see a name with no picture, feel free to email them to me.
I reserve the right to use them or not, depending on the bandwidth available at the time.

I would like to thank Brooke Hodgson who mailed me a huge box
of pictures, videos etc.  I have many hours of scanning next winter to do now,
so thanks for those.  see link above as some are online now.
He also gave me a tip on locating some old photo albums,
that were rescued from the dumpster by Jack Grieves.
I can see more scanning in my future.

Jan 2013, Ron Anderson delivered a bag of prints to my home,
and after a couple days of scanning, I have started to upload some of them.
It's a work in progress.

Then in Mar 2015, I finally got around to scanning Brian Wolfe's collection.
Other than a few slides I had trouble digitizing, all are online now.

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